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Toll Free Number - The Benefits

A toll free phone number or toll-free voicemail number is basically a toll free phone number that is charged to the originating phone subscriber for all incoming calls rather than incurring additional charges from the originating phone subscriber. For the caller, however, a free call to a toll free number from an ordinary phone is usually free. This is usually done by means of a special code provided by the operator at the time of making the call.

This service method of providing a free number was initially used by telecommunication companies to provide easy call handling and routing services to their customers. In the current times, the process is being used extensively by many companies for other reasons as well. With such a facility, companies can be very competitive in their marketing efforts. For instance, with the assistance of a toll-free number, they can get the attention of many customers. Therefore, in the quest to be competitive and to ensure greater returns on their investment in advertising, many companies are now using this facility extensively to market their products and services.

A toll free number also provides the user with the opportunity to call a customer service representative and ask questions regarding a product or service. This is very convenient for the company since it does not have to pay a person just to answer a question. Since the phone calls to such a number are entirely free, it helps in saving up on money and the expenses incurred due to employing an answering service. It is even possible to conduct business at any time of the day and night as long as the user has an active toll free number. Get more facts about texting at

There are several reasons why the use of toll free numbers has been preferred over conventional calling services. The foremost reason is that a single toll free number is sufficient to provide users with complete call handling, routing, and messaging facilities. Thus, it is possible for the company to offer its customers more than one number and thus offer customized solutions to its clients.

Another advantage is that a single toll free number does not cost the company a single cent for maintaining the number. This is especially useful for those companies that want to give their customers the ability to manage their own number with a low initial cost. For example, it is possible to keep the number active on a daily basis without having to pay anything.

iPlum toll free number can also be very useful for telemarketers as they can call a customer directly and ask them to hang up the phone if they do not wish to take the call. a call back. However, this can be a costly proposition, and it is generally not advisable to call a customer and ask them to hang up on you just because they do not wish to receive your call.

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